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Pelican Cruise “Great time with great crew”

Pelican Cruise

Hi amornkiat and david crossingvietnamtour

“Great time with great crew”

I booked the snorkeling & beach excursion through the cruise ship. I am disabled and Capt. Robertson & crew were ready, willing and able to assist me on the ship in any way they could. Robertson was very knowledgeable about Aruba & area we sailed to for snorkeling. The water was clear and saw lots of fish (not as many as Bonaire). Only complaint is that I would have liked to have spent more than 45 minutes snorkeling before heading to the beach for an hour. Nonetheless, it was a great time with a fun crew.

“Nice relaxing trip”

We did a Sunday morning 4 1/2 hour champagne brunch cruise. There was a lot of room on the boat. When we booked we were told they do not fill this tour to capacity, which is the reason we booked the trip. The trip was very relaxing and we had a good time. I gave the tour an average rating based on the snorkeling alone.We stopped at three spots, one of which was the Antilla which was pretty cool, but the other two spots were spots that were easily accessible from the shore. They did have SNUBA available for those who wished to try it (included in price). Breakfast, lunch,and drinks were included. We enjoyed our time spent, mainly the ample room on the boat and a nice relaxing trip. I would recommend this tour based on the sailing and on the food provided. If your looking for an exciting snorkel tour I would look for another tour.

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“Good Value for the $$”

We did the 4 hour tour of the most popular island tourist attractions. Very good value for the money. No BBQ or beverages as ad stated.

“Great time and great value”

The people behind the counter were easy to work with and the set us up with a great trip of sailing and snorkling. The crew spoke many different lanquages and communicated with everyone with ease. The local knowledge was very entertaining.

We felt safe at all times and enjoyed ourselves! They are a smaller operation than Red Sail or DePalm, I think this works in the visitors favor.

“Very Personable and friendly”

We booked at the Westin beach area the land tour and sunset cruise package. It was cheaper than all the others and it was great. The bus tour was not air conditioned but it was ok – there was a breeze. The tour guide was a native and offered much information about the island. The sunset cruise was amazing – the most beautiful sunset ever. The staff were natives of Aruba and also offered much information. Neither of the tours were over crowded so it was nice and the staff were very personable and you could talk to all of them at your convenience.

“Snorkelling and lunch included”

We joined this tour from our cruise ship, we were packed on a the boat with hardly room to sit down, once underway we could spread out more which was better. Our first stop after 40 minutes sailing was a rocky out crop with several other boats moored there as well. I was disapointed as the Visibility was poor and the area was very crowded. After a short while and several fins in my face I got back on board the boat, a crew member told me the next stop would be better. We then sailed a short distance off shore to moor above the wreck of the Antilla, a large German freighter from WW2. This stop was much better and I really enjoyed it ,a large amount of fish and less people, a great wreck which was very easy to see. Our last stop was Pelican pier where we had lunch which was nice but it was served on plastic plates with plastic cutlery. We were suposed to have time on the beach here but only had ten minutes once we had had our meal before having to board the boat for the return to our cruise ship. I was a bit disapointed with this tour but did really enjoy the snorkelling over the wreck of the Antilla, this is why I rated this as very good. Without this I would have rated it average.

So we booked the party bus tour and we missed in by one minute, when we were walking out of our hotel the bus was leaving, we tryed to stop him but they didn’t, when we went to go to them where we purchased tickets they were closed. Ran upstairs to the hotel conceirge desk and the called and called again to the company and no answer, I understand if you are a minute late they will leave you but my argument was we could’ve met them at the 1st bar stop but couldn’t get a hold of anyone, basically said sorry no refunds, we lost our $80.00 Do not go thru them, they are rip off artists.

“sunset cruise”

Reviewed November 27, 2012

I was on a cruise and booked this excursion. It advertised that we would see Palm Beach and the go past the hotels. For 2 hours we went up and down the harbor past our ship. Our ship was never out of sight. I question the captain that weren’t we suppose to go around the island and he told me that it would take to long. If I wan’t to stay in the harbor and watch the sunset I would of done it from the Lido deck of my ship. I paid $60 for this tour. It was not worth it. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!